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Welcome to Hussingtree Gin

Award-winning gin

Handcrafted and inspired in Worcestershire

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We handcraft our gins in small batches in rural Worcestershire.
At the heart what we do is the genuine love of seeking out interesting botanicals.
In our range of dry and blended gins you'll find a few classic combinations.
But also some that offer something just a little bit different.
We're thrilled to have received a number of awards including:
Silver Medal (Bumbleberry Dry Gin) and Bronze Medal (Asparagus Dry Gin) at London Spirits Competition 2020.
One Star Great Taste Award (Bumbleberry Dry Gin) 2019.
Silver Medal (Asparagus Dry Gin) at Global Spirits Masters 2019.
Hussingtree Gin - Latest Awards 2019-20.
A few seasonal highlights
Hussingtree Winter Gin - Winter Warmer w

Winter Gin (2020 Edition)

Using our Spiced Plum Dry Gin we've steeped fruits and spices synonymous with the season. Expect a bit of sweetness from raisins and apples, with warmth from orange, cinnamon and nutmeg. 


Wonderful neat or with a mixer. Even better with cloudy apple juice, making the perfect Winter Warmer.

Tonka Bean - Silver 2020.png

Tonka Bean Gin

Tonka bean is one of our new favourite things. It offers a wonderful mix of vanilla, caramel and almond that we'd never experienced before.


We've steeped tonka bean in one of our dry gins for a blended gin with a difference. Enjoy neat, with lemonade or cola (our favourite), or add a shot to coffee or hot chocolate.

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Hussingtree Gin Gift Boxes

The perfect introduction to our range. A trio of 5cl gins (40% vol each) in premium glass corked bottles, presented in a recycled presentation box.

The box label includes descriptors of the gins, along with a serving suggestion for each.

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The Hussingtree Dry Gin Range

Hussingtree Bumbleberry Dry Gin - 70cl B
Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin - 70cl Bot
Hussingtree Juneberry Dry Gin - 70cl Bot
Hussingtree Spiced Plum Dry Gin - 70cl B

The Hussingtree Blended Gin Range

Hussingtree Cherry and Vanilla Gin - 70c
Hussingtree Tonka Bean Gin - 70cl Bottle
Hussingtree Winter Gin - 70cl Bottle - C

Why not try a few of our current favourite serving suggestions?

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Hussingtree Bumbleberry Dry Gin - Picnic

What people are saying about Hussingtree Gin.

"Gin lovers you need this is your life. I now have a new favourite. Smooth, refreshing, elegant flavour."

"Really lovely craft gin.
Very smooth tasting and refreshing to drink."

"Delicious. This is going to be a firm favourite from now on."