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Gin Tasting in Worcestershire

We offer a range of gin tasting experiences in Worcestershire and surrounding counties. From informal gatherings to sit down gin tastings partnering food, our gin tasting experiences offer something for every occasion.
Sample the Hussingtree Gin range


We usually provide a tasting of four of our premium gins. 


Our gins are inspired by the produce available in our home county of Worcestershire. Each is distinctive, well rounded and packed full of flavour.

At forthcoming events we will offer the opportunity to taste other gins we are developing. So you'll be tasting new Hussingtree Gins, exclusively, before we refine them and move some into production.

Gin botanicals, garnishes and mixers

We like our gin tasting experiences to be as interactive as possible.

Learning about gin botanicals through smell (and sometimes quiz!) offers an insight into just how varied botanicals can be.

At some of our gin tastings we provide a range of neutral tonics, enabling you to sample tonics you might not have tried before. Whilst also showing how all unflavoured tonics are not the same!

A selection of garnishes are also provided, helping to illustrate how the garnish should be chosen to balance the gin in the glass.

Informative talks from the making to the tasting

Before we get into tasting our gins, the Hussingtree Team deliver an informal talk providing insight into the many aspects of gin, how we produce our gin, and some of nuances behind the science.

We then guide you through each of our gins. We explain the key botanicals in them, the best way to taste and the perfect garnish to pair with each Hussingtree Gin.

Our talks are tailored to the structure of each event and number of attendees. What is guaranteed is you'll find out many things you likely didn't know about gin!

Next steps

Attend one of our public gin tasting events

Venues across Worcestershire invite us to deliver gin tasting as part of their event offering.


Each gin tasting is tailored to suit our partner venues needs and offerings.


Events are published across our social media channels, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Private gin tasting event enquiry

If you'd like us to attend your event and deliver a gin tasting experience for your attendees, drop us an email.


Let us know your event date, anticipated numbers, and any gin tasting ideas you have. One of the Hussingtree Team will be in touch.


Venue gin tasting event enquiry

If you'd like us to deliver a gin tasting experience at your venue, drop us an email.


Let us know any gin tasting ideas you have, potential dates and attendee numbers. One of the Hussingtree Team will be in touch.


More about the Hussingtree Gin range
We launched the first of our Worcester gins in the summer of 2018.
Since then we've picked up some prestigious awards, including a Silver Medal at The Global Spirits Masters in 2019 for our wonderful Asparagus Dry Gin.
We create our dry gins using the one shot method in a traditional alembic copper still. This means we extract all the flavour from our botanicals during distillation, following a truly authentic method of craft gin production.
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