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Meet us at Plum Alley in Pershore during August

We pleased to confirm that we’ll have a stand at this August’s Plum Festival in Pershore, Worcestershire. Furthermore, we’ll be there on every Saturday during August!

Pershore Plum Festival Plum Alley Logo

The Pershore Plum Festival is a unique event that runs throughout the month of August - a 4 time winner of the "Best Festival & Event" in Worcestershire! And this year, the Festival will be celebrating the first ever official National Plum Day on Saturday 11 August.

As an extension to the Festival itself, which runs over the August Bank Holiday weekend, the organisers have also set up Plum Alley on the Saturday’s during August. We’ll have a pitch there on every Saturday and during the Festival.

Which, as you can possibly guess, coincides with us launching our second premium distilled gin - Hussingtree Spiced Plum Gin!

It’s always been part of our strategic plan to develop a small range of premium gins, inspired by the produce grown in Worcestershire. During the early stages of developing our Juneberry Gin we experimented a little with plum. One of our initial trial runs of a plum gin received some really positive feedback, so we promised to come back to it a little later.

Fast forward a few months, and with our Hussingtree Juneberry Gin ready to move to the first production run phase, we went back to see how plum could work. Lots of trialling followed, understanding what works well with plum when its distilled - both in terms of flavours and in the balance and mix of botanicals. A few things quickly become obvious to avoid. Whilst a few other ideas started to prove more successful.

The outcome being our Hussingtree Spiced Plum Gin. We’re currently managing the first production run, which will mean we’ll have bottles ready for sale at the first Saturday in August at Pershore’s Plum Alley. The timings have worked out rather well! We’ll also have our Hussingtree Juneberry Gin on sale too. So be sure to pop by and say hello.

Find out more about the Pershore Plum Festival here

And Plum Alley here:

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