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Our exclusive gin bar at Shelsley Walsh

We had great fun during the Shelsley Walsh Championship Challenge weekend in August. Our exclusive pop up gin bar offered a great opportunity to take our two distilled Worcestershire gins to lots of new people...

...except it rained. A lot!

As we mentioned in a previous blog post we were thrilled to be invited by the committee at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb to provide an exclusive Hussingtree Gin bar. We partnered with the wonderful team at Bars On The Run (please do check them out if you require a pop up bar at an event) to deliver a set of themed cocktails and gin & tonics.

The bar was in the main Courtyard at the foot of the hill climb, next to the main paddock. A beautiful spot, ideal for events.

Unfortunately the great British weather that's been a highlight of the summer finally came to an abrupt end. The rain sadly meant people were running for cover rather than sitting out on beanbags taking in the event experience in quite the way everybody had hoped.

That said, plenty of people did enjoy our Juneberry and Spiced Plum Gins. And the guys from Bars On The Run did an amazing job in making the bar as dry as it could be. They served up some great cocktails and always had a smile on the face!

We'd like to thank the team at Shelsley Walsh for inviting us to attend. And Bars On The Run for using all their experience in providing a great pop up bar. We hope to be back at Shelsley Walsh again in the future.


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