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New stockists and distribution

Following our successful run at the number of outdoor events during August, we've been able to pay a little more attention during the last few weeks to growing our stockists lists. With a few more exciting conversations also being had that should help set some structure for our growth over the coming months.

Hussingtree Gin Bottles Wine Bar

New stockists

We've been thrilled by the response both our Juneberry Gin and Spiced Plum Gin have received. Nearly all the bars in Worcester that initially stocked our Juneberry Gin have now also added our Spiced Plum Gin to their shelves. The two gins are very different in character, so provide bars and their patrons with an excellent choice when serving and drinking our premium distilled Hussingtree Gin.

A few recent additions to our stockists list include:

  • The Arch Rivals Micro Pub & Brewery, Worcester

  • Savva Bars Co

  • The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury

Aside from the 'on trade' our bottles are selling quickly at the independent retailers that have stocked our gins over the last month or so. Recent additions include:

  • Hamps Wines, Bransford

  • The Deli @ Pershore

We're due to speak to a couple of additional, larger local retailers during the next few weeks. Seeing our bottles on the shelves always brings a smile to our faces!

See our latest stockists by clicking here.


The last week has seen some very interesting meetings with independent distributors - specialists in both 'on trade' and 'off trade' accounts. This will provide us with some exciting opportunities for growth, with our distilled gin being made easily available to the trade across Worcestershire and the wider region. We'll bring further news when we're able to.

Potential mixer company support

An exciting development from the last week has been a very productive conversation with one of the 'big boys' of the mixers world. Most gin producers do look to link up with a mixer provider, as it provides opportunities from a marketing and awareness point of view. We've been mindful not to jump too quickly, whilst weighing the pros and cons of different prospective companies. Our discussions to date have proved fruitful, with the potential for some two-way benefits. Once things have progressed we'll be thrilled to update you all.

In other news...

We've been working hard on refining botanicals for our third distilled gin, which will complement our Juneberry and Spiced Plum Hussingtree Gins. The aim being to have this ready for a short run batch within October, linking into our miniatures gift packs that will be a focus for the Christmas market. We'll go into more detail in our next blog post...!

Hussingtree Gin Gift Pack Mock Up

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