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Gift boxes now available

We're thrilled to let you know that our gift packs are now available on our website.

Each pack provides a set of 3 x 50ml miniature bottles, incorporating one of each of the first three distilled gins in the Hussingtree Gin range.

Hussingtree Juneberry Gin (40%) Full of flavour, it balances juniper with juneberries, a subtle citrus kick from orange peel alongside seven further botanicals.

Hussingtree Spiced Plum Gin (40%) It combines juniper and plum with six further botanicals and spices. Unmistakably fruity, but with a delightful twist.

Hussingtree Bumbleberry Gin (40%) Three traditional British berries - Blackberry, Bilberry, Sloeberry - combine with juniper and supporting botanicals. Packed with fruitiness yet wonderfully smooth.

To read more and to buy in our online shop, click here.

If you'd like to stock our gift packs, drop us an email

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