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Gin label design - An evolution

Hussingtree Gin New Label Design

We're thrilled to launch our new gin label design during the coming weeks. There's no change to our visual branding, just a bit more stand out on shelf and clarity between our gin variants.


Since our launch in 2018 we've received amazing feedback on our visual branding and gin label design. But we knew our gin labels weren't perfect.

The one area we needed to improve on was the way our Hussingtree Gin bottles stood out on shelf - both in the retail environment and in the on trade. So, we have taken a bit of time during the early part of this year to objectively review the design.

Important to us and our gin brand are a number of factors:

The clarity of our Dry Gin.

Overcoming louching (the cloudiness in gin) is an art that craft gin distillers learn and manage with every run of gin. We're proud to deliver clear gins and want our labels to remain relatively minimal in order to show this.

Our gins are colourless.

With the huge range of coloured and flavoured gins on the market, it's important that our gins are shown clearly to be colourless. Colourless gin is a hallmark of Dry Gin. You can read more about what London Dry Gin is by clicking here.

Keeping our labels clear of clutter.

Our visual brand is focused on delivering a premium, contemporary feel. We're not ones for over-embellishing things so keeping our gin labels simple in form fits with our ethos. It also helps separate our bottles from many others on the shelf.

We'll be rolling out our new labels to our trade customers during April and May. This accompanies the launch of our fourth premium dry gin, which launches in April.

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