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Bespoke gin for Severn Valley Railway

We're thrilled to be able to share a project we've working on during the summer - a bespoke gin for the wonderful Severn Valley Railway.

The dry gin, like all our dry gins, is created in a traditional alembic copper still. We follow the one shot method, which means following distillation we only had water to bring the spirit down to our desired bottling strength. These traditional methods complement the authentic nature of the steam engine.

The gin is a classic dry gin. There's plenty of juniper. Alongside which you'll find sunflower seeds that provide a nuttiness to the overall profile. Supported by hibiscus, lemon peel and orange peel. Perfectly suited to the core SVR customer base, whilst being adaptable to work with flavoured mixers and as a base for gin cocktails.

The stunning label - Daymark Labels - includes an image on the inside back label one of SVR's most popular engines, Hagley Hall, which is currently under restoration. You can read more about the project at

SVR Gin is available in 50cl and 5cl bottles. More information at

We love working with the team at Severn Valley Railway. Their passion for their engines, events, brand and overall offering is clear.

SVR Gin is just one of our recent contract gin projects, following on from 2020 Gin for St Richard's Hospice and a range of blended fruit gins for Broomfields of Holt. To read more about our contract gin distilling service, click here.

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