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British Asparagus Festival is there to be enjoyed

This week marked the start of the British Asparagus Festival.

Whilst the variety of events that traditionally occur are obviously effected due to current circumstances, there's no excuse not to enjoy the wonders of the fabulous gras!

Our award-winning Asparagus Dry Gin has gained many admirers since we launched it this time last year.

Those that have heard our story will know the many months of headaches as we developed it.

The intention was for the gin to exist for a few months, alongside some events during May and June 2019. Little did we appreciate just home much our customers would love it. And demand it become a permanent fixture in our product range.

We're proud to use wonderful Vale of Evesham asparagus from Revills Farm Shop and Farmhouse Cafe and brine salt from the award-winning Churchfields Saltworks alongside other botanicals.

You can pick up a bottle from our website shop (use GIN10% to save 10% on a 70cl bottle), or from one of the many local independent retailers around the region that stock it.

We look forward to introducing many more people to it when normality returns.

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