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Gin truffles - Three star award

We're so thrilled for our friends at Cafe Chocolat in Tewkesbury for being awarded a coveted three star award for their wonderful gin truffles at the Great Taste Awards 2020. The gin in the truffles? A special creation by us!

The journey started early 2019 through a chance conversation. With the joint desire to see what could be achieved bringing the wonders of gin and chocolate together.

What followed was a period of experimentation.

First, in terms of the gin itself. Key was for there to be a suitable hit of gin. Through sampling other chocolates on the market we all felt something was missing. Whether it be a depth of gin flavour or an alcoholic warmth.

Secondly and equally importantly, how this worked when used as an ingredient - to result in a ganache that stood up in flavour, appearance and consistency.

Following a number of phases of evolution, the results started to really stand up in our taste tests. Liz at Chocolat worked wonders in refining the combinations, with a further refinement in 2020 prior to the Great Taste Awards.

The gin truffles are truly wonderful. To quote the Great Taste Awards judges:

"Absolutely sublime." - "An exceptionally good grown up chocolate."

We've thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Cafe Chocolat in the creation of these gin truffles. Be sure to seek the shop out if you're in the Tewkesbury vicinity...and pop next door for their fantastic cakes and coffee in the Cafe itself!

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