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Hussingtree Worcestershire Summer Cup

We're thrilled to be launching our limited edition 2020 Summer Cup. Created to be enjoyed during long summer days and evenings.

At the heart of our Summer Cup is our award-winning Bumbleberry Dry Gin. The gin has a gentle sweetness from three berries, and has proven itself as a fantastic dry gin base.

In this, we've steeped a combination of fruits and spices. The core of these being three pears (Worcestershire black pear, conference pear and comice pear), apple and cherry.


The importance of pear

The black pear is synonymous with Worcestershire, whilst three pears are incorporated into the Flag of Worcestershire. As we developed our Summer Cup, we were focused on ensuring this fruit of Worcestershire played a key part.

Locally sourced Worcestershire Black Pear

We're thrilled to have sourced our Worcestershire Black Pear from the fabulous Rowley Farm located near Holt Heath in Worcestershire.

As a fruit, it's not one to be enjoyed in its raw state as it doesn't truly ripen so is subsequently used in cooking (or as we've creating an alcoholic gin based spirit!). Although, as we found when researching the pear, there are fewer and fewer black pear trees in the county. A chance conversation with the owners of Rowley Farm has meant we had a fantastic supply of these unique pears.

Perfect serve - Long drink over ice

Our Worcestershire Summer Cup, as a gin based spirit, is wonderfully adaptable. It can be drunk short, 50:50 over ice with tonic, but many will enjoy it as a long drink.

We suggest mixing 1 part Summer Cup to 3 - 4 parts lemonade. Serve in a high ball glass, over heaps of ice. Garnish with thin slices of apple and strawberry, plus a couple of fresh mint leaves.


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