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Meeting Jean-Christophe Novelli

At this years Gin Show, at the Autumn Malvern Show 2019, we had the great pleasure of meeting the multi Michelin Star award-winning chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli.

Duncan had the opportunity to introduce Jean-Christophe to our award-winning Asparagus Dry Gin. His feedback was massively supportive. Indeed, his exclamation on first taste (bl***y h**l!!!) took as and everyone at our stand by surprise.

It was a real thrill to meet Jean-Christophe. A true gentleman, ensuring customers that were waiting to sample our gin were attended to before he received his gin sample. And his support provided further proof that our premium gins are hitting the mark by offering something full of the case of our Asparagus Dry Gin, delivering something a little different.

Jean-Christophe was introduced to a select number of producers at the show, each being members of Worcestershire Food and Drink - an association of independent growers, producers, caterers and retailers. Find out more at

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