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On stage at the inaugural Malvern Gin Show

The inaugural Malvern Gin Show was a great success at this years Malvern Autumn Show. Over a dozen gin producers and brands from the region provided visitors with an incredible range of gins - from dry gins through to flavoured gins and gin liqueurs.

We were thrilled to be invited to be on the Gin Stage on both days, discussing all things gin.

On the Saturday, Duncan joined Mark Diacono (award-winning food writer) and Joe Swift (BBC Gardeners' World) on stage, alongside Bob from OX gin. The focus of the slot was to introduce visitors to artisan distillation...but the conversation expanded to include preferences for creating the ideal gin and tonic. Everything from type of glassware, amount of ice and ration of gin to tonic.

On the Sunday, Duncan was interviewed by Joe Swift. This time, our Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin was the 'Gin of the Day'. Joe was interested to know just how we came about using most people are! Duncan chatted through the experimentation process that we undertook, looking at different distillation processes, how asparagus worked in those and alongside other botanicals.

Both on stage slots were great fun, with knowledgable and very entertaining hosts. It was fantastic to share our story and insights with the many people that joined in the conversation.

#awardwinning #hussingtreegin

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