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Part of the Comesto product portfolio

Comesto is the UK’s first platform-based wholesale food and drink supplier designed exclusively for the on-trade.

We're proud to have been added to their growing portfolio of products - with our core dry gins initially available to Comesto customers.

As part of the start of our relationship with them, we've been featured in the Comesto customer magazine. Scroll down to read part of the feature. To read it in full, click here to visit the Comesto site.


What makes a good F&B product – something that stands out, makes customers want to try it and then keep buying it?

There are many factors to consider, certainly taste, visual appeal and for the on-trade, great branding is vital, but coming up as one of the most important requirements for modern consumers is provenance.

This is why we are delighted to have Hussingtree Gin available through the Comesto shop, gins with real authenticity as well as a great taste and smart branding. This is a range of gins that offers a new take on botanicals but also adheres closely to the traditional need of pairing excellently with a neutral tonic water.

Each flavour is powered by a botanical that is native to Worcestershire the county in which it is distilled and produced. This creates a product with a genuine regional speciality and yet the offer is not limiting in any way by being bound to the region. It’s a smart move that presents a range of drinks with a strong regional flavour, but its values can be appreciated UK wide and will also be of great appeal to the range of export outlets we are working with looking to purchase quality distinctive UK products.

It takes a lot for a gin brand to stand out and to deliver on taste and when the market is full of concepts and brands many with faux humour and a dodgy backstory trying to catch the eye. But this is a brand that delivers on both provenance and taste.


Read more about Comesto by clicking here.

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