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Review of our Asparagus Gin

We are thrilled to have had our Asparagus Gin reviewed by award winning writer and photojournalist Mike Gerrard of Travel Distilled.


Our Asparagus Gin is a perfect example of how a gin can have different characteristics and change personality depending upon how it's served.

Through how we treat the asparagus and the process we use in creating the gin, the asparagus' earthy, grassy qualities are evident. Particularly when the asparagus gin is sipped neat.

Yet, when used to create an Asparagus Gin and Tonic (unflavoured tonic) the freshness of the ingredient really comes to the fore. Which is complemented beautifully by garnishing with a fresh mint leaf.

Mike captured these nuances perfectly in his review.

"On the nose it was a total surprise. It was very earthy and vegetal, with a hint of nuttiness too. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was a much stronger and beefier aroma, although there was definitely the smell of asparagus and juniper in there. After the surprise of the nose came the even bigger surprise of using it to make an asparagus gin and tonic!"

You can read Mike's review in full at the link here

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