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Upton Gin - A new contract gin

Introducing Upton Dry Gin and Upton Pink Gin. A recent collaboration by the team here at Hussingtree Gin and chef Kyle Hasel.

Central to the collaboration was a focus on incorporating local fruits from Clive's Fruit Farm, a mile or so from Upon-upon-Severn. Alongside creating a dry and pink gin that are distinctive in character, whilst providing a range of flexible serve options.

Within Upton Dry Gin are local blackberries, sitting alongside a diverse range of other botanicals. Using that as a base, Upton Pink Gin incorporates the flavours of steeped fresh raspberries. No sugars or sweeteners have been added, which means the gin retains a sophisticated fruit flavour, without the sweetness found in many pink gins.

Upton Gin is available at a number of venues within Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire. Alongside local retailers.

To find out more about our contract gin solutions, get in touch with us and we can discuss how to create a bespoke gin to fit your needs.

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