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Hussingtree Asparagus Gin

Hussingtree Asparagus Gin

Multi-award winning gin

Bronze Medal, London Spirits Competition 2020

Silver Medal, The Global Spirits Masters 2019.

And, as seen on James Martin's Saturday Morning on ITV.


A truly unique premium dry gin, incorporating Worcestershire asparagus.


Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin is the culmination of 6 months of hard work, experimenting with distilling processes and botanical blends, to understand the best way to unlock the vegetable’s flavour. And we're thrilled with the result. It's a bit quirky. It's pretty unique. And it's truly delicious.


Through distillation the asparagus delivers an earthy, nutty-sweetness on the palate. And we're proud to source our asparagus from Revills Farm, one of the leading asparagus producers in Worcestershire. Our blend of botanicals, enhanced by local brine salt that's added during the distillation process, complements its characteristics wonderfully.


We follow the London Dry method, which means we only dilute the distilled gin down to our desired 40% strength. We never add any further flavours or sweetners to our gin after it's distilled.


Perfect serve.

Enjoy our Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin at its best with your favourite neutral tonic poured over a heap of ice. We recommend the ratio of neutral tonic to gin being between 2:1 and 3:1. If you like to add a garnish, it's perfect with a few fresh mint leaves.


Asparagus Gin Cocktail

Our Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin is a perfect base for a gin sour cocktail. Click here to read how to make this all-time classic cocktail.

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