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Serving Suggestions

Here are a few of our favourite current serving suggestions.
From tasty twists on the gin and tonic, to easy to make yet fantastically flavoursome cocktails. 
Hussingtree Asparagus Gin - Aperol Gin F

Aperol and Gin Fizz

A wonderfully easy to make long drink that brings brightness to any glass.


Hussingtree Asparagus Dry Gin works beautifully alongside the fruity bitterness of Aperol.

Hussingtree Juneberry Gin - Pomegranate

Pomegranate Pomade


You'll be hard pushed to find a gin based long drink that lends itself to summer days quite as much as the Pomade.


Wonderfully refreshing. And an ideal way to enjoy our Juneberry Dry Gin.

Hussingtree Bumbleberry Gin - Strawberry

Strawberry and Rhubarb

Gin and Tonic


A simple yet effective twist on the mighty gin and tonic.


Hussingtree Bumbleberry Dry Gin acts as a perfect base to the fruitiness delivered through the strawberries and rhubarb.

Hussingtree Spiced Plum Gin - Apple and

Apple and Spice Gin Fizz

An easy to make and adaptable long drink suited to warm and cooler days and evenings alike.


Hussingtree Spiced Plum Dry Gin provides the subtle spiciness that combines with the apple.

Hussingtree Bumbleberry Dry Gin - Picnic

What people are saying about Hussingtree Gin.

"A truly delicious and original London Dry Gin." 
Browns at the Quay, Worcester.
"A superb gin with a great combination of flavours.” 
Taste at No 1, Ludlow
"An extraordinary gin packed with flavour.” 
The Wood Norton, Evesham
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